Mission & Vision


Po’ Shines Cafe De La Soul, a minority owned contemporary soul food Restaurant with a Cajun flair, provides quality dining, concessions sales, and catering services.  Po’ Shines provides high quality food to individuals and businesses in Portland, Oregon and abroad, while providing career development opportunities through its non-profit work force training program, Teach Me To Fish.  (“TMTF”).



We aspire to be much more than just a good restaurant that serves good food.  We will be a restaurant that benefits more than just the appetites of our patrons, but offers a complete experience that enlightens the mind, body and soul.  Furthermore, we strive to create an environment where food can foster conversation, and where conversation can turn into life application and change.  We want to open a dialogue that can create a strong community and empower individuals.  More than anything, we are a people who rejuvenate our patrons and community members through our exceptional food, service and opportunity to be a part of change.