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Meet our Founder & CEO – Pastor E.D. Mondainé

Celebration Tabernacle, Portland OR
Grace Center, St. Louis MO

Elbert Mondainé Jr., a native of St. Louis, Missouri, was born February 21, 1959, to Olivette and Elbert Mondainé Sr.

Pastor Mondainé has been singing Gospel Music since a very young age; first, as part of the family choir and later as a soloist. Pastor Mondainé developed his monstrous voice and piano chops in the ghetto of St. Louis, Missouri. Not having enough money to purchase a piano, young Elbert would stand at his windowsill and move his fingers over the narrow bricks to learn his piano basics. Occasionally, he was able to trade his windowsill keyboard for an actual piano… but only when he could find a way to sneak into the church across the street from his home.

Pastor Mondainé has directed several choirs and choruses in the cities of St. Louis, Missouri, El Paso, Texas, and Portland, Oregon. In addition, he has directed several musical workshops, including programs overseas in England and Germany for the United States Armed Forces.

Pastor Mondainé became an ordained minister in St. Louis, Missouri, at Grace Baptist Church under the tutelage of Pastor Allie Rains Sr. He has served as Minister of Music at the following churches: Siloam M.B.C. of St. Louis, Missouri, Life Victory Center of St. Louis, Missouri, and Morning Star Baptist Church of Portland, Oregon.

Pastor Mondainé served as the Associate Pastor of Leonard Baptist Church and Grace Baptist Church, both in St. Louis, Missouri. He was also the Youth Pastor for Shepherd of Love Church in Vancouver, Washington.

Pastor Mondainé served as a counselor for several years with Youth Outreach, Inc., of Vancouver, Washington. Thereafter, he served as Project Coordinator for Teen Parents with the Albina Ministerial Alliance (AMA) in Portland, Oregon. Simultaneously, he served as Program Director for the Young Fathers’ Project with AMA.

In 1988, he founded True Believers Assembly of Non-Denominational Churches and Celebration Tabernacle Church in Portland, Oregon. Focusing on community development and empowerment, his ministry has expanded exponentially to include a private Christian school, social outreach and job training programs, over a dozen businesses ranging from a restaurant to a graphic design company.

Pastor Mondainé also pastors a second church, Celebration Grace Center, in St. Louis, Missouri. He is also a published author with one title currently available, The 5am Chronicles, and another currently in the works.

Pastor Mondainé is the proud father of Elbert Darre’ll III and Christopher Edward, and the grandfather of Imanee Joy and Taviana Victoria.

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